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Advanced Coatings for Large-Area or High-Volume Products

The International Conference on Coatings on Glass and Plastics

June 12-16, 2016 Conference Center Braunschweig Germany

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Technical Exhibition

Technical Exhibition at ICCG8
Technical Exhibition at ICCG 8

During the conference a technical trade exhibition will be organized giving your company or organization the opportunity to present your equipment, products and services (more than 50 exhibitors).

Day Date Times
Monday June 13, 2016 10:00 a.m.– 08:30 p.m.
Tuesday June 14, 2016 08:30 a.m. – 07:00 p.m.

We are pleased to offer a basic booth, a complete booth or exhibition space for your own booth.

  • Basic booth, 1 m² exhibition space, 2 walls for posters (2 m high), 1 small table for brochures etc.
  • Complete booth, 2 x 3 m² or 4 x 3 m² exhibition space, a system booth (2.5 m high), 1 table, 2 chairs, spotlights, 1 fascia, installation, dismantling, cleaning; other sizes on request
  • Own booth, 2 x 3 m² exhibition space; additional exhibition space on request

Other dimensions for exhibition booths are also possible. Additional furniture, decoration, technical services or sponsoring packages including exhibition space on request.

Please return the completed and signed application form for exhibitors by mail or fax as soon as possible, at the latest by February 15, 2016.

Contact Technical Exhibition

Dr. S. Kondruweit Phone +49 531 2155-535 Fax +49 531 2155-900 Contact ICCG11 Team

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